Larry Worrell

is creating Experiences for Families in hospital
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A thank you letter from those involved in organising this cause as well as an opportunity to have the systems go to a cause of personal choice. 

this will have to be organise a month ahead.
once the systems are ready to go.




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About Larry Worrell

I have created this page to share my goal with you all.

I would like to share the gaming world with the sick and injured children and their families in our hospitals.

I'm planning to organise several computer systems to take to the Ronald McDonald house in my area and show them what it's like to enjoy a game with those close to them and share a LAN experience with friends and families.

If all goes well I hope to spread this to a wider community and allow this to happen in most places around Australia and hopefully the act can spread to the world.
Please do leave a like if this is something you would support and if
You have any questions just get in contact through the page. 
Thank you.
$0 of $1,000 per Experience
This will give the cause a whole new system with everything needed to have a great time and will be taken to the children and families along side the other systems.
each time a new system is obtained through patreon one will be donated to a new organisation or building along with a give away to the community which is helping move this forward.
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