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About A Bro’s Guide

What's up peeps,

We are Michelle DeMarco & Lee Matias. We are bringing our multimedia graphic novel
" So this is how this Sh*t works : A Bros guide to the universe" to life.

Thomas Lucerna (also known as Tommy) is on top of the world. He works at his father's investment firm, has the woman of his dreams, and any material possession he could ever want (we're talking lambos & jets!). Even with a seemingly awesome life, Thomas feels empty. He begins to look for answers as to why he feels unfulfilled within his successful life. Full of fear, frustration and rage, he begins to spiral. He loses his job, the women he loves, and everything he owns. Feeling desolate and alone in his bedroom, in a moment of rage and anger he cries for help. Little did he know that the one who would answer the call is himself. 

This is an action packed story full of awesome characters and antagonists. It's a story with a vibrant world ful od different dimensions and universes. If you enjoy class A banter, want to exoerience a universe as ridiculous as "Rick & Morty", that's as expansive as star wars, and has a hint of "Deadpool" esque humor, then you are in the right place! 

The creators 

Lee Matias 

Lee is an eclectic individual with many different interests. Lee enjoys reading up on quantum physics, mindfulness, and has dedicated his life to refining his life experience and helping others do the same. He was once involved in the corporate world,  but Lee has taken the plunge into creating an impactful series that will help its followers reflect and expand their consciousness. He is a lover of anime, music, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Michelle DeMarco

Michelle is a distinguished artist that has a passion for capturing the wonders of our universe and reality in her work. She works with several mediums, including moist media, aluminum canvas, and egg tempera. Her art is beautiful and each frame of her work on  ABG can stand alone as it's own piece. She enjoys cycling, yoga, at making, and cooking.

Where do our funds go?

  • First and foremost we need some digital tools - a MacBook for Lee to write with and to make this Patreon super cool.
  • The next step is to partner with a publisher to get the book printed. We are thinking maybe in a serial format. Once we reach 100 patrons we’ll survey them and see how they react.

Thank You 

It is our hope that you join us through this awesome journey, as we travel with Thomas Lucerna through different dimensions full of mysteries of the universe, magic, and  awesome sh*t. Follow along and learn to be the hero you've always known you could be. We are excited to share this story with you all, thank you for checking us out! 

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IG: @abrosguide

Although our project is titled "A bro's guide", we believe that there is something for everyone in our awesome story. We have several strong female characters in "A Bro's guide" who our patrons will vibe with. One of the main themes of our story is helping highlight the understanding between masculine and feminine energy within ourselves and others. So ladies, we're sure you'll love the story too ! 
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