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It has been my life goal to live on a boat and sail around the world.  I spent the past 12 years working as a Firefighter/paramedic to save up to buy my boat and live on the day.

As they say, "Life happens when your making plans".  

On the coldest night of the year I was injured on the job in 2013. While I was treating a patient, drug traffickers under the influence ran into me, my firefighter partner, and my patient at speeds estimated over 45 mph.  The crash broke my neck, with total damage C4-C7.  It has caused nerve damage in my upper extremities and to the left side of my body. I have a traumatic brain injury that resulted in cognitive loss of function (I can't read or write well today because of it. I used software to do it all for me the first 18 months after the accident), short and long term memory loss.   

Through neurological and cognitive therapy I came back to a semi normal way of functioning.  It has been three and a half years of pain. Massive weight gain and fighting depression while waiting on a much needed spinal surgery.  I loved my profession.  Now I have nothing left of the life used to know. No real help from the workmans comp insurance and disability is a joke. They spend more time not approving you for treatment than they do helping you.  It is like they really try to harm people more by breaking them down so they will want to give up.

If it was not for the love of my life who works as a Nurse Practitioner, I would not be where I am today. She took me in after I lost my career and placed on permanent injury status. I am stuck in the system waiting for spinal surgery or settlement.  I would not wish this broken system on my worst enemy. 

I refuse to not live my life to the fullest. This is my second chance at life. I spent half my life living for my job. Which I am proud of and now I am going to spend whatever is left living for us.

 I am making active strides in doing what I should have done 15 years ago. I bought a small sail boat (22ft) to learn to sail on.  I spent the past five months restoring it. I don't take medications because I don't want the long term damages to my liver.  So I go diving.  Being under water takes the pain away. The lack of weight and pressure of the water produces a sort of gentle traction to my spinal cord.  The deeper I go the less pain I feel. The pressure on my spine and the weight off, I start to feel more and sensation returns to my upper extremities.

  My fiance is working hard to pay bills and save money for her end.  We will refine our sailing skills this summer on Tahoe. The desk job I have now I am using to save money to go towards our future live aboard and the medical insurance will help me get real help, now.  I mainly started the channel because I love people.  I used to meet people everyday during their emergencies. I was good at earning people's trust. I was able to provide the right treatment because of it.  Now I just want to sail, rest, heal my body and soul.  Meet new people on the last chapter of my life. I was hoping the internet would be a great way to meet people prior to our journey and keep up with the friends we make along the way.  

I will do this with or without help from strangers.  Because that is what people do when they want something. They find a way to make things work. They work for it.  If for some reason people out there want to do this type of donation stuff. It is appreciated because the equipment required to make great videos isn't cheap and editing almost feels like a job. 


In the mean time I look forward to meeting other sailors, and dreamers.  

Fair winds friends.
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To learn to sail the right way and not end up some poor smuck!  The cost is $510 per person for the weekend. 
Here is a link to where we are going. It is more expensive in other places. We have looked into the bay area, but are looking at making new realtionships closer to home.
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