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access to private instagram. and my eternal thanks for your support!
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$3 dollar pledge gets you a quarterly digital 7" (3 songs) and the best part is you get it 2 weeks before it gets released on all other services. + access to private instagram
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$5 dollar pledge gets you a digital 7" (3 songs) every quarter! + a ticket to an online interactive all request livestream show/ Q&A that will happen every other month. + access to private instagram



About Ace Enders

thanks so much for landing here! after being a full time touring, music maker band guy for a decade and a half, I'm making this so the people that got me here can be more connected and we can release music and become the label together!
if you choose to support you will have access to all sorts of parts of the creative process, get music before anyone else does, and a special back door entrance into how it all comes together. 
you can also access bimonthly online shows/q&a's and a bunch of private behind the scenes junk.
you will also get music first. weeks before it lands on spotify or other services. some of the songs you get may never be anywhere other than here. so it will truly be unique and special. 
and again, thanks so much 
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a 2,500 person team would be pretty close to unstoppable 
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