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About A. C. Neiland

A girl walks among endless shelves of books in an ancient tower. She wanders its corridors, enjoying the feel of each tome she passes, sensing the strength and power resonating from them as she runs her hands over their bindings. She pauses, tracing the lettering braided into one of the tomes before moving on. Her fingers linger behind of their own volition, as if eager to pluck the tome out and begin their own journey. 

“You are the history of my people,” she whispers to the tomes absently, surrounded by darkness.

“You tell the struggles and trials of our heroes. You tell of their triumphs, of their failures… just as you unravel the machinations of those who would see the Haro destroyed.”

The girl had long wished to experience every detail, of every story, in every book...


I have been a busy little creature, with a lot of changes in my life over the last year.  My wife is living in Massachusetts, I am living on-campus at Sonoma State, taking a double-time courseload (23 units), and I have been pushing tremendously on getting current work published, to some success!

I have two Instagram pages now - @j.d.snow for my random poetry, and @a.c.neiland for my editing and novel writing. I will be coming back to this Patreon to try and get some content up, but with my course load and current goals, I may (continue to) be lax on the content. However, you can always see free stuff over on Instagram!  I am also on Twitter @ACNeiland, so you can follow me there and see my posts. Sorry for the delay!! Better things coming, I promise!

I am A. C. Neiland, an up-and-coming author, with a 25-year-old world stuck in my brain, and I am eager to get it into the near-infinite world of literature, and by extension, to you - the novel I am writing, my poetry, prose, short stories, attempts at spoken word, and more!

A. C. Neiland is my pseudonym. I am Jennifer "Catreina" Snow, a long-time gamer and Twitch streamer. I have a long history of enjoying stories in all forms - from the poetry and short stories of Poe, to the plays and stage productions of Shakespeare, to video games epics like Mass Effect. I have been surrounded by stories like these since birth. Video games, especially of the role-playing genre, have been my go-to game since a friend of mine invited me over to play Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System. I was instantly hooked - an intriguing story combined with (at the time) amazing graphics and a female protagonist? 

Since that day, way back in 1989, I have delved into the worlds of Tyria, Krynn, Westeros, the Underdark, and many more. Each poem, short story, novella, novel, or game I have immersed myself in has conjured up new ideas, people, and locations in my own self-created world. Even with these people, locations, and confrontations living in my mind, I had never thought to bring them out into the light of day until recently.Since I started trying to translate everything from my own grey matter to print, I have had more ideas come flooding from my subconscious to remind me of the adventures I had as a teen and young adult. 

Patreon allows you, a patron, to become part of a community and feel great about doing so, but there is more to it than that! Becoming a patron grants you some amazing rewards, like early access to in-process chapters, patron-only live streams, even some character or location name collaborations!  

As my own Patreon community grows, I will be asking patrons for input on the things they would like to see as rewards, input on locations, characters, and events in the universe I am creating. I want patrons to be a part of helping readers explore and uncover the secrets and mysteries that exist in the vast universe that currently resides in my mind. I want patrons to feel like they are a part of my creative process as much as my keyboard or software - required, indispensable, and irreplaceable. 

At present, there are only a few set rewards and goals. As the community grows, I will periodically add new patron levels and set new goals. These will not be decided by me alone, as I will have patron-only live stream chats to help launch the new levels and determine new goals. 

As of this writing however, there are three reward levels and three goals...


  1. Every patron will receive digital copies of all work released here - as a thank you for being a part of the community.

  2. A $10 per month patron will receive advance copies of all work before it is released publicly, as well as have access to a once-a-week patron only live chat where we will contemplate the past week and what is expected in the next two weeks.

  3. For those that pledge $25 or more per month will get the advance copies of the work and access to the live chat, as well as snippets of draft work from deleted scenes, character backgrounds, and plot ideas. Some of this work will be in the final product, much of it will not be.
  4. Additional levels in the future may include inviting patrons into the creative process by soliciting ideas for characters, places, events, antagonists, and more. 


  1. 25 patrons - upon hitting this goal, one lucky patron will have their name immortalized in the story. A direct one-on-one chat will ensue to determine what name they will chose to have embedded into the story.

  2. 100 Patrons - At this milestone, another lucky patron will be randomly selected, and an entire character will be created for that patron. Once again there will be one-on-one conversation with the characters creation and implementation to be discussed and determined.

  3. 1000 Patrons - Oh boy, if we ever reach this milestone, the lucky patron that is selected will receive signed hard-copies of the book upon publishing. In addition, the randomly selected patron at this point will have a main character created and implemented, with direct contact during the creative process. The creation of the character will be live-streamed to patrons only, with additional input on the design and creation of the character and the impact this character will have on the world / universe.

Even if you ultimately decide to move onward to other Patreon pages, I want to thank you for taking the time to read through my Patreon. Any time you have spent with me is a boon, and I feel that we have both grown for it. This universe of ours seems to have a unique way of bringing people together, even if only for a moment, to make good things happen, and so I thank you for that.
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At 25 Patrons, one lucky, random patron will have their likeness immortalized in a story, poem, or prose. A direct one-on-one discussion to determine the specifics surrounding this.
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