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About ACryInShame

Hello everyone,
The long journey divided team is a small group who enjoy playing different kinds of games. Our content is YouTube videos on game play and strategy. We go over different games and explain each game as we play so you can learn more about the game and maybe spend more time coming up with creative ways to play the game instead of climbing the learning curves.

We try our best to make the videos fun and educating, at least for the different games we love. We are currently at the early stages of development but no worries we'll continue to create content on our YouTube channel that Recently broke 100 uploads! 

Currently we all have full time jobs and can only make a hand full of videos at a time. At this moment one member (ACryInShame) is producing and editing all the videos on the YouTube channel.

List of content we wish to provide:
Let's plays for video games
Card games play-by-play and introductions (MTG, Pokemon, Yu-gi-yo)
Battle reports (where we film a battle and talk about it. This is usually for table top games like Warhammer)
Board games (kind of like Tablet Top the show but far more often)
Random fun times!!

With help from Patreon members like yourself, we can spend more time making high quality videos . We ask that you help us out with your suggestions on videos we should create and by becoming a Patron to our page.

Thank you for everything!
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Will pay for a dedicated server for the community to play on. The community will vote on what game(s) will be hosted on the server.
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