is creating Narrative stories, open ended theories and dark facts

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I've had a passion for story telling my whole life basically I know I want to entertain others whether that's creeping them out with chilling urban legends around the US, making them intrigued on the deeper hidden facts about common things.

As of now I'm still kind of testing everything out seeing what sticks but hopefully I can gain some traction along the way with people supporting me and watching me grow. As yes this is a hobby of mine but maybe it can me much more as I don't plan to keep on making the same content forever.

I'd like to have this develop into something much more and I want to be able to create content that appeals to everyone. If I'm able to grow with support I plan on making short films, a running comedy web series and much more. That's my vision at least. That's where I want to be headed but for now I'll do what I can.

If you'd like to support me in this journey please consider signing up for a pledge if you're able to because you're help will be greatly appreciated.

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Once I reach 500 patrons I'll make a six part web series that you guys get to decide the ideas, subjects and plot of the series. The top 5 ideas are the ones that'll be combine to make this project.
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