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If donate $5 a month, you will have early access to videos and art. 

Each person who donated will be giving a thank you at the end of every video and shouted out on my DeviantArt.


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There will be time when I will post videos only on Pateron.

ex: Part 2 only on Pateron. 

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Art will be uploaded every week that is patron only.  

Art won't be uploaded anywhere else. 




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About ALilMistletoeCartoon

Hello everyone, this is ALilMistletoeCartoon. I have been working on YouTube videos and drawing for the past few years. Art is my passion and I would like to use the money that I get from this to help pay for the subscriptions for programs and pay for equipment that I will need to make everything I make amazing and enjoyable. 

$0 of $300 per month
with this money will pay for my subscription to Photoshop. This will help with speed paints and make small animatics faster. 
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