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is creating poetry, songs, music.
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1$ is nearly what you spend on a (probably bad - I mean, a 1$-coffee can't be that good) coffee.  Since I don't drink coffee (at all, yeah, people like me exist), I'd rather put that money into my equipment (i.e. recorder for my songs,..). :)

What you get ? Definitely a huge, huge, HUGE Thank-You that will still not be able to express my gratitude - sometimes even poets have no words.. :D :)

Apart from that I offer you the things mentioned in my description "For all my Patrons", i.e.:

> Previews of Songs

> Poems not uploaded anywhereelse

> Coversongs

> Stuff I play on several instruments

I feel very honoured and happy if you decide to become my Patron. :) For real. <3

One bagel, please!
per creation

Wow, if you're thinking about donating 5$ per month, I feel very honoured! What I like to offer you  for THIS damn big support (in addition to the things every Patron gets):

> A poem concerning to a certain situation you choose.

You can write me a story or situation, no matter if it's personal stuff or not, and I'll try my best.

A poem will take up to two weeks 'cause you know, you can't force your mind to come up with a cool idea.

Bagel-date! (I'm out of ideas :D)
per creation

Wow, are you sure ? I mean.. 10$ is a lot of money and you need to know that creators basically struggle with feeling like their work is not worth ANY money at all and then you wanna do this 10$-thing ?

I have to say that, please, I'd be so, so thankful and it would help me SO much, but check if you really have the financial ability to do it. If so, you're welcome. :)

The thing I want to offer you for THIS support:

> Again, of course, the things every Patron gets (described in my description 'For all my Patrons')

> A song concerning to a certain situation you choose (as in the 5$-Tier, but instead of a poem you'll get a song, which is way more effort).

This can take from three weeks up to three month - as I said, you can't force your mind to be creative, plus I must record it.

Thanks if you choose to become a Patron of mine. <3



About Autumn Leaves

Hey you. :) Welcome to my page!

I'm writing songs and poetry as well as do music.

Some of it can already be found here. The topics I deal with are diverse, but mostly selflove, -esteem, -doubts, -issues, mental health and hope.
When I was 15, I got an acoustic guitar and started writing songs and poems - and started falling in love with it. Now I'm 18 years old and I still love what I'm doing and honestly can't imagine a greater activity. Furthermore I play drums, piano, violin and love singing.

As a creator I want my stuff to be shared to reach a lot of people and I also want to offer a certain quality to you, which needs money - for example to built a recording studio ('cause the audio qualitiy right now is… naah.. kind of really bad. :D :s) or to pay illustrator for designing awesome bookcovers, so I can finally publish my books professionally. :) That's why I created this page here, even though it feels weird to ask for money, but it would help me so, so much.

Anyway, feel free to listen to and read my free stuff on as well as to share it and give feedback! 

I'm glad and thankful about every single little support. Even one dollar or one time you share my page on your social media honestly means the world to me.

Thanks for reading and lots of love
Autumn Leaves

For all my Patrons:

What kind of only-Patrons-post you (every Patron, no matter which Tiers) can expect:
> Previews of Songs that are not uploaded or even finished yet
> Poems I didn't upload before
> Coversongs I'm insecure About uploading them
> Random stuff I play on my
  • guitar
  • piano
  • drums
  • or sing
that I probably not post somewhereelse (except maybe Twitter).
I will not pressure myself and say "I must post one times a day/week/month". I'm sorry, but it's still just my hobby and I can't put the effort and time in it as if it was my full-time job.

For my non-Patrons:
I want you all to be able to see my poetry and songs no matter if you're able to support me or not. If you are able to support me by becoming a Patron, I simply want to give you some 'extras' back - but the things I'd do without Patreon stay the same - always available for everyone. Concerning this there is no disadvantage for non-Patrons and there will never be - I don't want it to become a two-tier-thing. 
If you want to support me, but are not willing or able to donate, you can do it anyways:
> Follow me on Twitter and Belletristica
> Retweet me on Twitter (!!)
> Copy the belletristica-link of o poem/song you like and paste it in your tweet/whatsApp-message/instastory/whatever to share it with your followers and friends.

For real: Share my stuff if you want to support me.
Share the link, retweet me, but make sure that you don't repost! Often credits get lost and that's damn shitty for creators/artists. Thanks to everyone understanding and respecting that.
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The money from this goal here is for a microphone that I can use for my songs/music. Since I'm currently recording with my smartphone, the quality.. you know.. is not that good.
I'm thankful for every single person supporting this goal, so you and I won't be annoyed anymore everytime we listen to one of my songs. :D
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