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All my music is Original Music. :D
I am a singer, song-writer, and producer for: ANGELLIKEFIRE.
You can find me anywhere! I'm on iTunes, Deezer, Pandora, CDBaby, Youtube and on as: ANGELLIKEFIRE.
Here is a quick link to start:

The ANGELLIKEFIRE project has been compared to Lydia Lunch by one of UK top 10 biggest blogs in sound recently by A&R Factory April 1, 2019...ANGELLLIKEFIRE was also nominated "SoundClouder of the Day" and received over 8000 fans in just a few short days at one point.ANGELLIKEFIRE's music seems to drive people, people who'd you'd think you'd never hear from personally like, Nine Inch Nails's drummer or Prince right before he had passed away to compliment ANGELLIKEFIRE at such humble beginnings; yes, this project has been peer reviewed with guarantee: 'tis is good music mon'. This is no joke, you ready?#UniqueSounds4UThis is All OriGinAL Music by: "ANGELLIKEFIRE."Vocals: ANGELLIKEFIRESong Writer: ANGELLIKEFIREProducer/Beat Maker: ANGELLIKEFIREANGELLIKEFIRE is a PRO Artist.I sing, produce, and song-write. --My passion is for the Arts.= I BLEED MUSIC FROM THIS SOUL=The taste, the feel, the magic of it all... it's the call of the wild within the internal: Music.Living the Arts through experience and expression inmultiple fashions and medium is this passionate gift and love,can you hear it?This blend of sound, I call, yes, I call it,"Emotronika" and it is an influence of trip hop, hip hop, and electronica with emotive qualities of sound interlaced n' rhythm bound. Plus the added bonus: An Actual variety of sounds, yes, like some tracks have some rock/triphop influence as well-- yes. All this adds up a musical composition that marries rhythmic beats with sub bass tonal synth lines and moody vocals that fire blaze n' breath this passion.These sounds are Very ADVANT GARDE darlings!Appreciate you sharing in this journey and reading an internal story.This music is a gift for you... :]Personal insight from where this sound comes from?Angelika comes from a direct Royal line to the King's and Queen's England and Ireland. And so in turn, my grandparents were old world money gangsters, and from there, came me whose mama was a hippy biker who took me to, "beyond." So yes, it's true, this sound in blend and essence, it makes you sharing in this journey and reading my story.This music is a gift for you... :] oh yes! let me tell you, I giveEnergy in LOVE, FIRE and FLAME, this turning and churning this I call the work of birthing music...This is real:"SOUL ALCHEMY." XXX--ANGELLIKEFIRE

The journey begins with breath, the wind of the soul's call is called "the mission."

Life for me was about expression,  the connection to find that freedom in "being" in sense of knowing the self, in living aligned body, heart, mind and soul, yes, I like to call it "the art of expression," and with this I use choreograph dance with emotional elements touching in genre of trip hop, trip hop-rock, electronic music. 

I find the journey is about listening, about coexisting with mother and father in a balanced harmony and this is called the "philosophy of love" is spiritual alchemy by and by in frameworks of captured feeling and idea connecting with inner self to the outside world.

The journey in digging deeper is this soul's quest...
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I have worked so hard to build my studio out of my own pocket. I believe in hard work. And so now for the next level, I'm going to supply with equipment to help tour, along with PR. There is so much to building this dream, it's endless. 
When I reach $100,0000, I will put on a private concert for your town.
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