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About AP Games

Hi friends! Here at AP Games I'm positively influencing gaming culture through my hype-free let's play series', no-fluff game reviews, and genuine videos discussing the problems/opportunities game culture has.

Too often gamers are depicted as obsessive, overweight, awkward, and a general drain on society. We're seen as lazy, irresponsible, and full nerd rage as we throw our controller at the TV when we don't get the kill. I want to change that. Except for the awkward part. It's okay to be awkward. Like this series of rambling sentences.

If you believe in the good that is happening, and that can happen, through games and gaming, partner with me to help make a difference!

Thanks for stopping by - your support, financial and otherwise, is greatly appreciated!
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Livestreams! I've been wanting to get into doing live events with my patrons (you!) so let's make it happen! 
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