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About A Pinch of Salt Game Studios

Welcome to A Pinch of Salt Game Studios!
This game studio is dedicated to creating content that competes with major studios while maintaining that small table feel. We thrive on player creativity, and story driven gaming, which is why we started this studio in the hopes that our content would inspire more players to continue to use their characters and their stories to drive the gaming world into the future.
We focus almost entirely on tabletop, pen & paper, games similar to other d20 based games out there. We've worked hard to develop a rule system that is both fair and realistic, while keeping that feeling of playing an old fashioned swords & sorcery game.

NightAngel21, our main creator, wants to personally thank all his patrons for their support of his quest to compete with major studios and provide high quality stories, worlds, and adventures for the gaming community.
$0 of $500 per month
This might seem like a lot of money for a first goal, but it's the necessary amount for us to start getting some good quality artwork done. We can't hire on any permanent staff at the moment, but this 500$ would go a long way towards establishing such a thing.
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