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Hello Internet,

My name is A. S. Aramiru or at least that's the pen name I go by. 

Storytelling is my passion. I like to write stories that I feel are unique or challenge me as a writer. But more than anything, I like to tell stories I want to tell.  

EDITOR: Show them you are a person. Not the bastard machine that you are.

ME: Like how?

EDITOR: Tell them why storytelling is your passion.

ME: Because I couldn't speak English so to entertain myself, I escaped to my imaginations where I really grew to love creating my own tales, but I repressed my love for it because it wasn't practical until the whole thing blew up when I decided to pursue my dream instead of law school like I was supposed to?

EDITOR: Jesus, dude.

ME: What? I got balls and zeal to make turtles hop? 

EDITOR: You're origin is very unoriginal. You're making me sad.

My editor is an ugly dwarf with moles on her nose. But anyways, you should support me if you like the stories I tell. 

Here's a bit of my first project: Black Halo: the Witch & the Guardian
And a bit of my second project: Otherworld Chronicles: Season 1 (Preview will be added on 5/21/2016)

Your support will help me finance my writing endeavors with editing, art, and even perhaps some promotions to reach more readers.

Let's create something crazy to shake up the world together. Or even just something people can think was worth spending their precious R&R time on.

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