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You get two episodes of MMPH per week. The best deal in Angel Grove!

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The evil Lord Rilone kidnaps his friends and forces them to watch Power Rangers related media. You also get the discord role "Citizen of Angel Grove".

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Riley will spend 10 minutes on a voice or video chat with you (Mumkey Mask Optional)

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About Anti-Social Entertainment Presents

Welcome to ASEPresents, the only place in the Multiverse where the Morphing Grid affects your favorite characters. We answer hard hitting questions like "What if Mad Max became the Pink Ranger?"
A new episode every week! Two if you're a Patron!

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We thought about doing a bunch of tiers with escalating rewards but we had a better idea for now- any tier gets the same bonus stuff. We will have all the Bonus Episodes/Early Content and all of that for any patron donating a dollar or more a month. If you like the free content toss us a dollar! If you REALLY like the content, 5 dollar pledges really help, and all the money we make on this right now goes to booking guests and artists. Thank you!
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