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About The Advanced Surrealism Team

Hey there! This is the Advanced Surrealism Team! Advanced Surrealism is a modpack created by Wolfalamew, PxlCraft03, CaptainKetchup, and AddyTheYTGuy, with the help of many suggestions from our discord server. We strive to make Advanced Surrealism the best modpack, with popular mods like The Aether, Twilight Forest, and starting in the next version (Mark I) Advent of Ascension as well as creating many in game goals, like defeating many epic bosses, creating awesome armor and weapons with crazy abilities, and running technology that can do so many incredible things. Also starting next version we will be including our own custom mod, which will be incredible! We hope you enjoy the modpack and have fun! Please donate!!

All donations will go towards the modpack or the staff team (after all expenses), in ways like hosting a website, or advertising. Usually money that goes to staff members will likely end up going back into the server.
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Because we are starting out on patreon, we will do some small goals. Our first goal is 10 patrons! Please help us reach this goal so that we can start to do google and YouTube advertising to help get the word out about AS! It is much appreciated if you are able to help us with this goal!
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