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is creating 10 week vocational training for entry level automotive techs.

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Hello my name is Gregg 3G Sheldon, after several years in the social work field I maxed out what I could do with my degree and came to the conclusion that I have a unique ability to be respected by today's youth. Combine that with my love of fixing cars and I found my life's mission. The first step to accomplishing it was going to take immersing myself into a second career. So in 2012 I completed a year long program at an automotive institute then spend the next 5 years working as a technician in the automotive industry. All this to attain my career goal of automotive instructor. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and through my time in corporate america I knowI should work for myself. So in 2017 with the donation of a 3500 sqf shop with a classroom I founded AutoShop Vocational. We immediately began training students from a Colorado Springs charter school to utilizing experience based aka STEM style learning for a career in a thriving industry in 10 weeks. Last year we had two sessions with 100% graduation rate however the impact we had on these youths may supersede the fact we train them for a career in a thriving industry.
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C5 Chevrolet Corvettes Goal 

Auto Racing ignites the fire in an individual but also great for fundraising! The smell of race fuel, burning rubber and the sight and feel of rumbling engines has an indescribable effect on our target market.  When we reach $3000 we will save $1000 each month to fund a C5 Chevrolet Corvette. This will be our flagship vehicle and have a dual purpose both 1/4 mile drag racing and a road course car. It will be driven by instructors and potentially graduates of the our 10 Week Fundamentals Course.

An other ideas for this vehicle include a therapeutic activity for addicts will also be used to assist Drug addicts trough their treatment and a healthy outlet for recovery!
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