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Thanks to you, I can now buy two Arizona Green Teas from the gas station - nice. Along with having access to all current and future stories, you'll also have access to a poll with my current prompts for unwritten short stories. You'll be able to vote on which one you'd like me to work on next!




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About Iz

Hello, everyone! I'm Ismael, or Iz for short, a man with a regular 9-5 job who happens to be attracted to tragic tales and uses cannabis for anxiety. I love them both so much that I've decided to create my own short stories and novellas, along with writing in-depth reviews of the products I consume.

Currently working on: 'Severed Lights' and 'The Last Adam'
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When I reach $5000 a month, I'll quit my day job and start writing full-time. Updates will increase, and along with that I'll think up other ways to give back to you all at no extra cost. 
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