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The Daydreamers
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The Daydreamers sit beneath a tree in the park and gaze at the clouds.

Daydreamers hear a faint echoing voice somewhere in the depths of their mind, sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't. But at times this echo helps them dream.

-Get access to the edited podcast one day before it's public release

-Sometimes get to vote on more general matters concering the project

The Dreamers
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The Dreamers sit on a big stone at midnight and stare straight up to the stars, wondering, thinking and asking the right questions.

The Dreamers occasionally hear a soft voice speak to them when they fall asleep, reassuring them and their dreams, they don't always listen, but when they do they dream sweetly.

-Get access to the edited podcast one week before it's public release

-PDF Document with Sources and Bulletpoints

-All previous tiers

The Surrealists
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The Surrealists sit in a café, gazing off into the distance, while the teapots start wandering around the room, pouring their own coffee into the cups. Flowers and grass grow from spilled liquid and quickly spread. But they don't think much of it. They keep listening to the stories they are silently told about a café having teapots serving humans and flowers growing inside.

-Can vote on topics & participate in occasional Q&A's

-All previous tiers




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A Voice in my Head is a project, created by me, call me Neo or Avi.

In this project I want to create podcasts in which I talk to a microphone about my thoughts on specific topics in an entertaining, friendly and interesting way.

The aim of this project is to get more people to think open-mindedly, creative and critical as well as encouraging people to reflect on themselves, their surroundings and the world.

The podcasts are completely free, although you can support me and gain little or even big boons by donating.

Donating also helps me in getting my hands on my next hot chocolate!

Occasional events will include:
-Podcasts with patreons
-Podcasts with other guests
$0 of $1 per Podcast
Wow, you actually want to pay good, hard earned money just to hear me talk?
I respect you and your decision and will create content as best as I can, just for you.
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