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About AZODi

Hey there! I'm AZODi, an electronic music producer and songwriter.
I love to create, record and perform music that's full of energy, excitement and catchy hooks!

By becoming my Patron, you will enable me to release content on a full-time basis. You'll be supporting the creation of original songs, video game and commercial remixes, collaborations with other artists and high quality music videos.

Latest Track: Pop Rock Culture Mashup
Latest Video: Pop Rock Culture Performance

Honestly though
, Patreon takes the edge off being a full time musician.
It lets me write music I want to hear and helps me create music on a regular basis, plus I'm providing sick perks and rewards for Patrons.
Not to mention all the free content! #Winning right?

With your support I can increase my experience, develop my skills and become a better person overall.
I am truly humbled to share this journey with you.

Thank you so much and I hope to meet you soon.


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