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I know that times are tough, but every bit helps me keep creating!
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You really help me out! This tier gets sneak peeks of possible video content! (Clear pictures vs instagram stories)
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Many hearts to you! You must be super dedicated <3 As well as previous rewards you get sneak peek video clips for upcoming videos.
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About Andre

Welcome to my Patreon!
Thank you for coming to check this out and supporting the channel

I try to make quality videos, delivered to your subscriptions once a week on Monday afternoons. It can be about tattooing, art, fandom or other things i find interest in. I am currently attending University and hope that i can become an apprentice at one of my local tattoo shops, as i aspire to be a tattoo artist. I want to use this channel, as well as my Instagram, to gather a following and create friendships in people that love and support who I am.

I hope you consider becoming a Patreon! It would really help me out!
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I can afford an adobe subsciption, which mean better quality artworks!
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