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Soo, I'm Aarya, 14 years old and  an aspiring writer. It's a pleasureto meet y'all. Ever since I can remember, I have had an immense love of reading. It was only natural that later ( or not so later, I mean I'm still a teenager) I would have ideas of my own and start to put them down on paper. I have a crazy imagination and get ideas from everything around me. Over here, I'll be posting short stories that I write along with chapters for a novel (or novels) that I'm currently working on. I want to share my stories with the world and can only hope that some part of them touches you all and leaves an impression that will last forever. :)


Short stories: Anything, literally anything. A whole bunch of fiction, and I'll have polls using which you guys get to choose a topic of sorts and I'll write a story about it!


Andromeda-  The world has reached a critical state and is no longer safe to live on. Desperate to continue to exist, what's left of the human population time travels back and continues to live in the past, in isolation with all their memories erased except for the leaders and their families.  A few scientists work on a project to get to the nearest galaxy, Andromeda but nothing ever comes out of their work. It's suspected that they've stopped trying. Andromeda, the daughter of one of the leaders hates it. What's the point of life if you're just existing and not living it as you should? With a couple of her friends, she goes forward to take everyone to a better place. No-one can live in the past forever.


Secrets in the Grave- A story about a young girl, who wakes up after a car crash and has the ability to talk to and see the dead. Not only that but she can physically touch them and so can they. The dead have a secret they want to keep, and with her in the picture now it's at a great risk. They're ready to go to any lengths to keep her quiet about it. It's upto her to stay alive(hopefully) and keep things in balance and make a deal with the dead when she finds out the truth. Their world is far more twisted and cruel than anyone could possibly imagine, with dozens of other secrets and she needs to keep it from getting worse.

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