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For donating a $1, you are granted access to my Discord Server! Where you may feel free to poke and prod your attention to me to your heart's desire.

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You had an extra 4 bucks? Thank you!
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For  donating $5 you can add me on Steam, where I will take the time to play a game of your choice monthly! 

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Ah! Thank you for seeing me as worthy!
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For donating $10, let alone will you recieve everything below, but each month you can send me a drawing request, and i'll fullfill it to the best of my ability! (NO NSFW BOI)

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About Abimation

Hello Patreons! 
So, this is a little Explanation as to why I decided to Sign Up for Patreon:
As a Teenager, I do need funds to get Food, travel to college and such. With the funds donated I can afford to travel to College each month and live a basic life!

I'm not going to Sugar Coat this and say I have a Family to feed, etc. 
The fact of the matter is that I signed up to this Website in a last attempt and resort to raise some revenue outside my Job, as I'm not making enough to pay for everything properly with what I currently earn.

Thank you for reading, and happy donating!
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I can pay for my Monthly Travel Pass to get to Classes! Yay Education!
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