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About Abyss Series

Immortal Abyss (also known as ImAbyss) is an ARG (alternative reality game) with real world consequences. Whether you choose to think of ImAbyss as a fictional story, a game series or simply a mysterious investigation, the unfortunate truth is the Abyss is your new reality.

Participation in ImAbyss may lead to severe (often fatal) negative or unexpected consequences. Playing this game may lead to demonic entities entering your home, digital devices being corrupted and even attempts on your life. It’s encouraged that those not willing to take or respect these risks avoid the Abyss at all costs.
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Abyss Alchemist
Limited (20 of 20 remaining)
per Creation (e.g Collectable, Artwork or Video)
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  •  Recieve x1 Handmade Vessel (with Phantom)
$0 of $100 per Creation (e.g Collectable, Artwork or Video)
Every month one Patron chosen by an Abyss deck (at random) will recieve a full Immortal Abyss DIY Kit. This will include all the officially used materials to create an Abyss deck, box, dice, tags, vessels, etc... Even some usefull insense for ceremonies / protection will be included!

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