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My name is Marie Nancarrow . I am an alien contactee.  I had alien implants removed (by aliens) and from it have created fringe reality theory. 

Fringe reality is at the very edge of science and metaphysics. It encompasses thoughts outside the normal realms of science and contains elements of metaphysics.

I have real images of aliens and alien cities, discovered an alien language & have even found what aliens use for money, i have made tremendous discoveries in the realm of ancient mysteries.

I have created a ebook and am writing the second book of the trilogy. I have also tried to create videos to help bring disclosure to humanity.

I uploaded my findings but all my social media accounts were taken down, and all alien images immediately removed all my accounts.
I created other accounts & added images, the images were quickly removed, although I am allowed to keep the account as text form but without imagery. 
As I tell people what I have found they do not believe it, without the images. It's far too incredible to what we have been conditioned to believe.

I and am being hammered by TPTB.
this is not limited to having having my website hacked, being under monitored surveillance and having the armed police kick my door in & try to access my computer.
All my friends are metaphysicians, as am I,  they remind me to ask for help..

I need a little help please, if you can support our cause by making a small donation, it sure would help my cause in fringe reality theory in disclosing alien information  in an unbiased educated way to humanity
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