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We are born asking questions
Spend time around any 4-year-old and that much is clear.
So why do we stop?

Thank you for supporting a channel dedicated to asking questions, discovering answers, and making it fun to learn. We coudn't do it without you. 

Q&A with Academy Of Questions

What is the goal of the channel?
Academy Of Questions is an educational entertainment channel. We strive to make challenging ideas and concepts more accessible and approachable. The goal is to generate curiosity. If our audience is driven to do additional research because of a video then we will have succeeded.

Who is Academy Of Questions?
Founder - Jeremy Dance. Voice over talent - Josh Dance. We are working on bringing in other talent such as audio production by Graham Haerther. The team will most likely expand soon.

How much content can we expect from you?
That depends on audience support. Right now I work as hard as I can creating videos in between my other job. To maintain the standard of quality I strive for that means about 1 video every other month. When I can afford to hire a team you can expect one video a month consistently, until then I’m working as hard as I can to close the gap between my current rate of production and one video a month.

Is it your full time job?
No, but that is the goal. It would be a dream come true to work on the channel full time. However, with a baby coming soon I’m going to keep my side job until I can generate enough income to make the switch. My hope is that I’ll be able to switch within the next year. However that all depends on how much support I can generate.

$5 of $1,000 per creation
This will enable us to spend less time working on ads for other people and instead making engaging and educational content for you! And doughnuts. We really love doughnuts. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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