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This is a call to action, for all citizens of Accentia. Take part in shaping the future of our kingdom, by Gaining the access to our polls, and help us decide what we react to next.
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Just like any other glorious knight, experience everything that life has to offer, from the first second down to the very last one, by gaining access to full length reactions.

(Reactions to currently airing shows, that we are caught up to don't count. We always try to upload them as soon as we can.)

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As unfair as it sounds, no country is exempt from social order. Some struggle on the bottom, others enjoy special treatment on the top. Become an elite member of Accentia's society, by gaining the early access to all of our content eligible for this benefit.




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     Whether you're looking for Reaction/Gaming videos, or original content is what you crave, you have come to a right place. Here, in Accent Central, a glorious capital of a great kingdom of "ACCENTIA", we aim to entertain our loyal subjects. Upon arriving into our kingdom your status will be determined by your contribution to the throne. For more information please refer to the membership tiers displayed on the right hand side. 
     I would like to thank you in advance for showing your interest in our small kingdom, hidden amidst the endless sea of various entertainment channels. We may not be the first reaction channel, or the first gaming channel, but we definitely are sincere in what we do.  With greatly appreciated help from generous patrons, such as yourself, we just may end up going the distance.
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With your mighty help Accentians, if we reach this goal, we would find ourselves one step closer to realizing our dream of becoming full-time YouTubers. This would undoubtedly mean more editors joining our kingdom, which would mean more videos, which in turn would mean more views, subscribes.....and so on.....and so on..... and before you know it, Accentia is
100000 strong........Rise to the occasion Accentians. Let's make this happen.
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