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Nuggets receive sneak peeks of future videos - regardless if they can climb to 5,000 feet.
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Buddies that are still alive can vote on the topics for future videos and also get the rewards from the Nugget category.
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As the ace of aces you can reserve your slot when I am streaming a multiplayer match. You also get the rewards that Nuggets and Buddies do.




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About Ace Combat Fan


I'm a YouTuber who creates videos about military aviation, aviation history and also the best series related to the genre, such as Ace Combat, Yukikaze, The Sky Crawlers and Macross - series that are greatly underrated despite having an amazingly rich universe. My goal is to provide you with quality informational and entertaining videos about aviation as well as share the aviation passion to more people.

How will I use the money donated to me? 

All the money donated will go to my YouTube channel and will be used to buy research material and translate supplementary lore material including:
  • Books on aviation history
  • Books about specific aircraft
  • Concept art books
  • Official guides
  • Novels
  • DVDs
Also 10% of the funds that go into my Patreon account will go towards an organization that preserves aviation history, such as an aviation museum, so at the end of the day you are not only supporting in creating videos that preserve aviation history on the Internet, but you are also supporting those who are working to preserve the history in the real world.

I appreciate that you are reading this

If you came here is because you at least considered donating or are really interested on my content - and I am really grateful for that! Regardless if you donate or not, I would like to thank you for the support you have given me. There were many times when I thought about quitting YouTube but seeing how many people enjoyed has always motivated to continue, and that is all thanks to you.

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I have stopped charging my patrons as there is no on-going project at this moment. Once a new project is selected, patrons will know well in advance before they are charged.
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