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About AcidSnake87

Hello my name is Hector Mercado, AKA "AcidSnake87", AKA "LoLskilled87".

I've been on YouTube for years, despite my subscriber count being low.

I've been around since the glory days of the PS3 vs the Xbox 360, and have been gaming for over 20 years. I make simple, yet honest and true reviews for the games I play. I do not get games for free unlike a large majority of video creators, and my videos are not fancy and wonderfully edited. What you do get though is clear and to the point reviews that cover the most important aspects of what you want to hear in a review, such how the game feels and plays, the value for your buck, and whether or not a game is even worth your time. If you value honesty from a gamer who's been around since the days of the original Nintendo, look no further. 

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