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I'm only human.  My writing speed is not infinite.  And so I tend to write one or two chapters at a time.  However, given that interest has been noted in getting chapters from stories that are not in the voting lineup, I can write such a chapter from time to time.



About Ack

Hi there.

My name is Alan, but my fans and readers know me as Ack.  I've been writing fanfiction, mainly based in the Wormverse, for more than two years now, with millions of words' worth of output so far.  There's also some original fiction in there.  

A lot of what I've written isn't very good, but I'd like to think that I've been improving.  So now I'm putting it out there for you to judge in the most meaningful way possible; is it worth giving me money to show me how much you like it? 

I can't answer that question.  But you can.

See you around.

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