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About Across the Hedge

Welcome! I’m Shawna, the curious and encyclopedia-like human at the helm of Across the Hedge, a podcast and video series with its foundations in ancient culture, myth, and spirituality.
Join us Across the Hedge here:

With productions rooted in ancient insight, Across the Hedge, features an exploration of meaningful subjects in a heathen context, folk, and fairy tales, and recipes along with practical tips to enrich your modern life.

We currently produce an audio podcast and videos of assorted crafting ventures, tours of my work and gardening spaces, and highlights from events we attend throughout the year.
Our podcasts cycle between bringing you an array of useful information through the lens of a pagan worldview and theatrical productions keeping alive the ancient tradition of imparting universal wisdom through storytelling.

As a regular subscriber, you’ll have access to in-depth discussions, introductions to herbs and gardening, household hints, and a practical section that covers topics such as meditation, divination, ritual, and astronomy. Episodes dedicated to folk and fairy tales are presented in the style of old-time radio dramas replete with ensemble casts, music, and sound effects.

We are also excited to announce new segments to our already extensive line-up. Ask Auntie Ipswich is our new advice piece. Across the Hedge will be taking questions submitted by our audience and handing them over to our resident crone to unleash the sort of advice only years of experience could serve to warp. Good old auntie doesn’t always have the answers you would expect for life’s questions, but she definitely has plenty to say.

Our expanded offering will also have a segment dedicated to the art of survival. Covering topics that include basic wilderness subsistence skills, successfully navigating urban spaces, and covert preparedness.

So give us a try and if you enjoy Across the Hedge be sure to tell your friends and offer us your backing. We put a tremendous amount into what we create and hope you will find enough value in that to support our efforts. We've done our best to put together some satisfying rewards for those of you that do. You can check those perks out to the right.

Thanks and see you Across the Hedge,
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