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  • By donating to this channel, you can get to request an idea video of a video game clip, or a meme you would like me to create for you and I'll credit you for the idea. ^^
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Hello World Of Patreon! I'm Adam Gamer995 And I create videos from games, memes and in real life! ^^
By becoming a Patreon on my channel, you can submit your ideas on what I can do for my next video and I'll credit you for it, you get to see live behind-the-scenes on how I make my videos and you'll get to join an outside life of my videos!
Patreon is my next big step for my YouTube channel to grow so I hope you and your friends would join me for funny adventures! ^^
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When reaching 15 Patreons, I'll do a special behind a scenes video of their choice!
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