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Hello everyone! 
If you haven't guessed my name, it's Adam Hughes! I'm a Youtuber that creates child friendly content, but my content isn't just for children! I upload a new video every Wednesday at 12PM ET/9 AM PT!! There will NEVER be curse words on my channel, and it is suitable for anyone 8 years old and up, though it depends on the parent as I play scary games sometimes. I've been playing video games my whole life, so why not share my passion with you! 
Why are you using Patreon?
I'm currently a student who needs help getting better equipment to put out better videos and quality! If I make enough, I'll hire a editor to work with so I get more videos out a week! I would also like to get to the point where I can my passion making Youtube videos a full time job!
What is your channel?
My channel ranges from playing games (90%), doing stuff I find interesting such as eating Japanese Kit Kats (10%), and in the future, there will be comedy skits!
What games do i play?
I play mostly scary games and VR games. I don't show any games with blood or games with weapons for now. As my channel evolves, the games might too. Still, I won't play anything too gory or violent. 
Do you play games that fans suggest?
Yes! But if it fits my content!

Depending on how it goes with this channel, I'm considering creating another channel with mature content, such as rated M games. 

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