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About Adelrik

Hi! I am a 20 year old programmer that's aspiring to become a game developer. For now i have only put 2 games(little games , not worth mentioning) online but i hope i can continue to learn and create better games . I created this page in a moment of inspiration i can say, with its creation i hope that i will meet a lot of people some just here to see what i am doing or some that will help me create what i desire . I might upload some things about the games i make and i do hope that in time i will create something that would be dear to other people. If anyone would like to help with anything for a game (ideas, art , etc) i hope you will make your voice heard , i will not ask for anything for free . I am still young and know almost nothing of this industry, i hope i will be able to learn from you all.
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Two people besides me huh ?  I guess you could say this patreon page is no longer a deserted village.
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