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If you give me a dollar I will follow you on Twitter or any soical media of your choice. You Can brag about doing a little part time work for the company. 

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If you give me 5 bucks You get a PDF of one of the books! Your name gets put on a thing! STICKERS AND TRADING CARDS IF YOU WANT THEM!! Also you get to brag about doing some intern coffee boy/girl work at Crazyland comics.  

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If you give me 10$ and send me a picture of yourself. And next time I eat a Pizza I promise to close my eyes for one minute and think only of you.  You Also get 2 PDF copies of the newest books trading cards, stickers! your name gets put on a thing! You can brag about being an "Idea guy" For the company! 




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-Our star title and hero: ADMIRAL PIZZA.
Are you ready to Work for an upcoming comic book company with no pay, benefits, insurance or job security? Do you like PIZZA and COMICS? If you answered Yes to any of these questions thenTHIS RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY! I am coming out with a comic book called ADMIRAL PIZZA i am running an aggressive crowdfunding campaign to get my book published before Dec.1st to make it in time for Fairbanks AK's first ever comicon. I already bought a table-i have a publisher lined up and 2 books complete. I just need YOUR HELP to get my Comic on that table.…/admi…/admiral-pizza-comic-book

Wait, Whats in it for me? Pure and simple, You can be part of the newest sensation to surpass marvel! (Or that OTHER one..) You can help my company grow! Here at Crazyland comics we believe in "Fake it till you make it" By pretending to be a real company we hope to actually become one. While you are hired at Crazyland comics, You can brag to other employers that you have a job. We know the first step to success and getting job, is having a job. Nobody wants to hire a Bum! We are not like are other companies-we're better. When you pay to be a part of our fake company it becomes REAL-and in return i will do things for YOU- You can receive fantastic prizes like stickers, trading cards, A copy of the comic book, And hideous freak toys i made! Employees who pay to be higher up will be able to use me as a reference-And i will only say good things/Whatever you want me to tell them! YOUR NEW JOB AWAITS!

Now hiring market managers-! Please tell EVERYONE about Admiral pizza! Post it on Facebook! Twitter! Reddit!  Everywhere! AS ADMIRAL PIZZA GROWS SO DO YOU! 

$0 of $100 per month
To get my book professionally published, I have a publisher lined up and a contract ready. If I can achieve this goal I promise to release books every year! 
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