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Greetings Viewers!

I am so excited to be here on patron to continue the growth of my channel, The Adrian Miguel Show. My journey since I started youtube has definitely been amazing and challenging as well. I am here on patron in hopes to grow some funds to put towards better quality content for my viewers. My reason for starting youtube 2 years ago was initially to share my journey of following my heart through comedic skits, life lesson videos and topic discussions, and it is safe to say that my journey has been all trial and error. I have great plans and ideas for the future of my channel, and unfortunately to make things happen in life, money is always an object. With that being said, any help towards my channel would be more than appreciated. If you do become a patreon of mine, you will be receiving a shout out at the end of each video (with or without your instagram/social media handle) and a fan t-shirt. This is something brand new that I am trying out and I would be so appreciate if YOU would help on my journey. My hopes for the channel will eventually to grow a small set in my apartment for the videos to be recorded in, give aways, better quantity AND quality content. If you do not decide to become a pattern of mine, no worries at all! I still will always simply appreciate that you continue to watch my content and spread love in this world. 

I'd like to end off with a little motivational light: I started my channel to follow my heart and do something that makes me happy. I love to entertain others and I've always know that if I am going to live this life, I need to do something that is going to make me happy. Depression has always been a very prevalent struggle for me and because of that, I have always pursued something that sets my should on fire and makes my should happy. The same way I picked up a camera and started this journey, YOU can do the same with your dreams and aspirations. You are always in control of your own happiness. I hope that you are able to see that you can do anything you'd like in this life. Go follow your heart and pursue something that sets your soul on fire. 

   Adrian Miguel
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