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is creating any Photoshop related wishes come true.
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Begone pimples!
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I edit the selected photo in order to eliminate all of the pimples.
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I make u or somebody u want "Fabulous"

U will see it will be worthy  (ಠ⌣ಠ)

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I make something "weird" on the selcted photo. You won't "un-see" that.




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About (≧◡≦) Adrian SWD - aka - Photoshop Wizard (≧◡≦)

Hello there! My name's Adrian! I'm a 20 years old guy who studies photography, and tries to become a good photographer. I also study Photoshop! With this page i want to create something funny and cool for my Patreons, in order to earn enough money to purchase new items to make my work improve! You can ask anything Photoshop related, just specify if you want something hilarious or a serious photo editing. I hope that you'll like my job!

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