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About The Adventurer's Guild

Hello, I'm TompsonX, one of the creators and current owner of the Discord server known as "The Adventurer's Guild", a Discord community that is about to reach its two year mark and has played over 2000 sessions of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons with hundreds of different DMs and players.

I have decided to create this Patreon in order to expand the community with the aid of incentives both to patrons and to regular community members!

Depending on how much the community joins in on this project, we will attempt to do giveaways of D&D material such as dice, miniatures, books, DMs Guild content and roll20 memberships as well as character commissions!

For now, all giveaways will be digital but this will change in the future

To choose where your money goes towards, click this link

Any questions or thoughts please direct them to me in the Discord chat.

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Supporter - D4
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You believe in me that believes in you and therefore you are now granted the all mighty power of a colored name on our Discord server.

Includes Discord rewards
Under Development - D6
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This tier is still under development and has no special perks other than the chat color

Includes Discord rewards
Art request - D8
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Add a character of your choice onto the request board!

Each month we will commission one art piece of one of them until every single patron in this tier or above has received one.

After everyone has received one, we start over!

Includes Discord rewards
$228 of $300 per month
One giveaway for our Dungeon Masters every month!
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