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Every Join counts. Every Patron is very much appreciated no matter how much they give. Every dollar means a lot.

"An Appreciation"

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▪Exclusive WIPs
▪High Resolution Arts
▪A discount for commissioned works
▪An access to my tutorials/palettes

How to request for a commission?

(Email me @[email protected]

Burning Passion
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Every join counts. I will be thankful a lot of my life if you will be joining this tier, Its a really big help for me who is just starting in this field.

I am swearing that I'll do my best for each art and make it worth joining this journey ♡

"Burning Passion"

In this Tier, you have the benefit of:
▪Exclusive WIPs
▪High Resolution Arts
▪An access to my tutorials
▪A discount for a commission request
▪I will add your name when i post an artwork as a special appreciation or thank you for the support ♡
▪Free Drawing commission

How to contact me for reference? (Message me or email me @[email protected] as soon as the charge have been sent)




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Hello there!
Call me Aeri and I'm a digital Artist. I love making digital arts but really, i dont have the finance to support my passion, also i am a college student so yeah..(I dont even have a drawing tablet uwu).

I am trying to support myself in this art journey because this is what I love. You can help me by being a patron and in exchange are the simple rewards. Also I do some commissioned arts, you can help a lot by requesting one ^^.

Well enough of the dramas and all. Hello again, this is Aeri, an art enthusiast , a huge mess, a potato who is aiming to be a paid illustrator or artist.

Join me and Thank you for making my dream come true.
I would really appreciate If you would support me , and I promise to do my best for you ^^. 

$0 of $150 per month
Just enough for a decent drawing tablet that i have been longing for years but unable to buy one due to financial restrictions. Many thanks for the patrons who would help me in this goal. Lovelots

When i reach this goal (and already used to make stuff using the tablet) I will run a raffle and do a free art for the winner ♡
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