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You just felt like dropping a dime and I'm thankful for it.

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Now we're talking! And that means for real, you can ask me anything about WoW and for your generous donation I'll take my time to answer any of your questions, with help resolving your problems and showing you ways to do stuff.

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Whoa! So you want to unlock the gates of abyss! For this great help you have a chatterbox who can talk about Lore of Warcraft for paragraphs, we can theorycraft and throw ideas around and I can help you jump into the story and can even help you in game with stuff! (No boosts though! :b)



About Aernath

Welcome to my page!

I'm a Turkish World of Warcraft Guide Writer, a Casual, Lazy, Alt'oholic Gamer and a Lore Enthusiast.

I love the depth and story of games and I bury a lot of time and effort while doing that, I share my experiences with people and if I can help them it's even better, that's how my guide and Facebook page was born and with updates and support came to this day.
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My first big project is to also make an English World of Warcraft Guide webpage supported with guide videos about how to play and get the basics.

But of course, I need more time away from normal jobs to invest more of myself in these projects.
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