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AfroDaddy is a parenting vlog, blog and podcast dedicated to creating a community of parents who believe that fatherhood needs to be encouraged, promoted and celebrated.

My goals for AfroDaddy are simple:

1) Show why being a dad is AWESOME.
2) Be honest about why being a parent is tough...sometimes.
3) Use my experience as a temporary safety parent, adoptive father, and biological to help fathers (especially new dads) to do the best they can for their families.
4) Have fun!

I want to keep all my content free for anyone to access, while still being able to pay for the content hosting as well as maintaining and improving my equipment.

I'll be using the funds raised from my Patrons to improve my video and audio equipment, to finance new episodes with more dads in them, and, honestly, to prove to my wife that this is a wise use of my time!

(Actually, my wife is really supportive)

Ultimately, I want to create a culture where men who want to be great dads are as valued as I am in my family.

Thank you for your support!
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