After Dark Analysis

is creating a look at the nexus between horror movies and reality
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About After Dark Analysis

Hey everyone welcome to After Dark Analysis. I make videos about the social commentary in horror films because like many fans I am sick of how often it is written off. While my videos use fictional worlds to explore real life issues it has not made them immune to YouTube's bots. Most of my videos are demonetized and to add insult to injury I was even terminated for a bit for no apparent reason. 

This channel started due to my health leaving me housebound. YouTube is one of the few activities I can still physically handle. The goal of this channel was always to gather like minded people to have interesting conversations about horror and some of its weirder sub genres and quirks. With that being said the technology and resources needed to create videos do have mounting costs. Even with running almost exclusively on freeware and using older/cheaper mediums such as VHS for resources.

All pledges received will be invested directly back into the channel. Patrons will gain access to an exclusive Discord as well as a thank you in every video. These are rewards that can be sustain. I see no point in offering interaction on other platforms or social media follows simply because I interact with viewers as much as possible. It doesn't seem right to now split that between patrons and non-patrons. 

Thank you for your time and possible patronage.
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