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About Dai Dao

My name is Dai, but you can also call me Agent Deli. I started my journey in Game Development & Interactive Media Design back in 2015. I grew up playing video games and being inspired by the stories that the wonderful people in the gaming industry have told. It wasn't too long ago that video games overcame the stigma of being for a certain group of people and have started being recognized universally for being a medium of art. 

With that being said, I am pouring my all into joining the booming video game industry with my stories. I want to be apart of the very medium that has helped me face day to day challenges and defeat my worst fears. I want to create video games that influence people like me growing up. I want to create a piece of interactive art that brings wide smiles, flowing tears, roaring laughter and much more to the people who have helped me become the person I am today along with the people who have yet to believe in themselves.

I want to create. I want to inspire. I want to innovate. I want to eventually own a studio. I want to tell stories and energize a whole new generation of artists. If you would like to support me on my journey, then I want to thank you for bringing my dreams to my doorstep.