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About Agordas

Hey guys! Thank you for stopping by and ceck out this page! For those who don't know who I am, let me introduce myself. I'm Agordas a multi-instrumentlist and metal vocalist. I run a YouTube channel where I make metal covers of movie-, tv- and videogame themes, but also of famous pop- and metal songs. I do everything by my own, from the recordings to the mixing and mastering and also the filming and video editing. My tiny appartment serves me therefor as my studio and my primary filming place.

Music is my life and I love to make those covers for you guys! I'm endless grateful for your amazing feedback so far! But I would like to create more covers, more often than that and with your help and support it could be possible! With your support, you directly help me to keep this channel alive and continue with creating new songs and videos! If I even could make a living with it, I could invest all my time into it! I could move into a bigger apartement with a seperate studio room to produce songs and videos more efficient and faster! Also I would invest into better equipment to get a really awesome production and an improvement of my videos! I could deliver more content and you could watch new videos or listen to new songs more often! It's a win-win situation!^^  And for every pledge you are willing to make, even if it's just 1$, you will receive a reward in return! 

What do I get?
You get extra content such as my songs in lossless WAV format, early video access, backing tracks, jam tracks, guitar tabs and many more (see sidebar on the right).

How does it work? / How often do I get charged?
You choose the amount you would like to contribute. Everytime I release a new music video this amount will be charged and you get access to the rewards at the level of your amount and all other rewards below the level of your amount. Every first of a month the final amount will be charged by Patreon.

At the moment I only manage to create one video each month, so you will be charged once every first of a month!

But you can also set a monthly cap for your contributions, so you’ll never go over the amount you set regardless of how many videos I might upload in future! (My goal is 4, but that's utopian for now) You will never be charged for news, vlogs!

I would be so grateful to have you on board and join me on this journey! 

Big thanks! \m/

- Agordas

You want seperate Backing Tracks, Jam Tracks or Guitar Tabs of my previous cover songs?
No problem! I've created a download site, where you can get them! And with every download you are supporting me as well! :)

One time donation
You want to support me but you don't want to become a patron? That's OK, I'm still happy you wanna help me out to keep this project alive! You can donate  here on my PayPal account. Thank you!
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After reaching this goal I would be able to buy better equipment what I couldn't do without your help! On the picture above you can see the speakers I currently use for monitoring my mixes. This old soundsystem (Logitech Z-2300) from 2004 is not even made for mixing XD. So the first step I would do - after reaching the goal- is to buy a decent monitoring system for better mixes!
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