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Yo my name is Agrover112!! .I'm a Battlefield Veteran since BF3,You are probably wondering why I created a Patreon account in the
first place!
Being a creator you need to keep pace with other creators for which you require some $$$
in the absence of any $$ , it becomes difficult to create and present Quality content whatever it may be. I always speak whats true and don't try to be biased. I have Strong Opinions
but let other people have differing opinions as well.

  1. Battlefield Top Plays                            Battlefield Top Plays #3
  2. Battlefield Speculation,News vids!    Battlefield 2018 Info :0
  3. Discussion,Montages,Gameplay etc. BF1 Gameplay/Montage

My content is  UNBIASED and not biased/sponsored by/towards any group or company
What I need is some amount of $$  , support from the community so that I keep doing 
and improving!

$0 of $72 per month
If I get 80$ I will make Battlefield 2018 content !!:D
Help me buy BF V
(No $=No game=No Content )
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