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   PDF Power: Thank you! This is the first financial step in the campaign and to really say thanks I will send you a digital copy of every story I post starting with this month's as well as access to the Patrons Only Feed.  All pledging Patrons will be DIRECTLY emailed these and all upcoming short stories.
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   The Little Library: This means a lot to me. Really. This pledge makes it real for me because of your interest in the reward. Pledging this amount doesn’t mean you just want to read more, it means you want to read where more came from.
   To say thank you, Patrons will be Emailed all short stories published before and after their pledge as well as Patrons-Only Feed access.
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    All About You: Thank you so much for your support. This tier is actually a lot of money and is what will really give this campaign legs. If you don’t agree, this is only the fourth tier. Please, skip down the list a bit until you do.
  To me and the readers that can’t do this alone, but need it in their life, we thank you. This measure of support clearly shows you are more than a fan of what is going on in here, but also a fan of growing and sharing the arts by supporting creative writing as a consciousness. To thank you personally for your support I will write a one page “About Me” profile piece “About You”. This is one of my favorite things to do for people for many reasons, but the big one is that it is mutually empowering. Here’s why:
   It is hard to write about yourself. It can be like trying to describe what a mountain looks like from inside a cave. Maybe you have a resume to write and can’t get started. College application, online dating profile, your own Patreon account? Maybe you just want a confidence booster. Reading an “About Me” on you by me will be like having a biographical mirror for a quick glance at yourself.
   Tell me about you and what you want to do, what you have done, what you like to do, where you are from, and your favorite color and I’ll show you the mountain that you are.




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About Aharic Bouy

   If you are unfamiliar with Patreon, I encourage you to explore and learn more about it. It's amazing. Patreon has been featured in Wired Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Forbes, The Guardian, and the Trendsphere in general. In less than a year and half, over 125,000 people have become patrons of creators on Patreon paying them over $1 million every month and enabling them to share their work with the world. This. Is. Huge.
   Patreon is taking the next step in the Crowdfunding phenomenon by bringing the classic model of patronage to the internet. Creators are supported by hundreds of Patrons that collectively fund the art that they want to see. Patrons are also thanked directly by the artists they support with rewards, unique gifts, and services they create to suit their audience.
   Your account and the pledge system let you follow as many artists as you want for free and you even receive a Timeline like feed of all your artists and their latest creations. It is your choice to support with a monthly pledge, but just consuming and sharing what you find IS supporting by giving the artist what they crave (an audience) and helping them grow that audience into a revenue source that will fund their art and the Patron rewards they can offer.
   You can create an account using your Facebook profile or you can create a separate log in just for Patreon. You can set your own pledge cap so you never get over charged, you can cancel at anytime, and the service is backed by Paypal.
   In the spirit of THIS Patreon Campaign, and to remind you that you are in the right place, I encourage you to keep reading.

Why you should Pledge to me:

   To me, writing is its own consciousness and consciousness is the universe’s way of learning about itself while creating itself. Everyone takes part in creating and discovering the universe, and writing is my contribution to creation.
   When you pledge to me, I only want you to pledge for one reason (feel free to have any other reason at all, though). You like my writing.
   It speaks to you, it moves you, it inspires you, it entertains you, it challenges you, it twists you up so you hate to love it, and you want more. This is the reason I want you to pledge, so that I can give you more of what you like while reaching my campaign goal. To be a career Novelist.
   Any pledge amount will make you an official Patron and give you access to the Patrons Only Feed where you can discuss stories, ideas, the Milestone Puppy Mascot name, and even influence what larger works you want to see completed. If you are more of a writer, voracious reader, want to be more directly involved in the campaign, or you just want the incentives, then you should pledge your way into the more interactive tiers designed to bring you into the world of writing and collaboration. Some tiers invite you to workshop with other Patrons and/or me, have me Ghostwrite a novel for you, recieve hard copies of all books and stories, and if you are truly adventurous (or a talented egoist) then there is no warning you against the final tier. The Secret Window.
   Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile and being a part of it. Sharing my profile and the Patreon web sight in general is also a major way to support. So, please grab that URL up there and share it with a reader or writer. Or several many readers and writers!

   Every month I will publish a short story for free. 

Thank you for your support!
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I will answer one question from every Patron about anything in the Patron Only Feed. No questions asked.
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