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You will receive:
-exclusive looks at sketch dumps or other works that typically don't get posted!

-Access to tutorials and the polls where you can vote on the subject!

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You will receive:
-sketch dumps of works I don't get to finish or post

-Access to tutorials and voting polls
-Speed paint videos of my finished works!

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You will receive:
-sketch dumps of works I don't get to finish or post

 -Access to tutorials and voting polls  
-Speed paint videos
-Early access WIPS of my future projects!

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About Aib


Hello my name is Aib and welcome to my Patreon!
I've been creating artwork since well before I could remember and creating digital art online since 2007. I've always loved making characters and world building and aspire to better myself as a concept artist. Currently I work freelance, taking commissions, creating merch for my online store and posting everything I make here first!

✧Patreon Benefits✧
As a supporter of my Patreon you will have access to all of my artworks before I post them anywhere else. Ideally the art that is posted here as a patron reward (including sketches) will be exclusively here for a month on average. Sometimes art may be posted earlier but that is limited to commission work or simple sketch work. Anything above the 2$ tier will stay on Patreon for about a month. Also nearly all of my posts that involve any level of character creation or detailed planning will have an in depth break down of my thought process and ideas as I created the piece. This can range between a detailed description of a character design to a break down of why I choose a certain composition/subject and a bunch more!

✧Where your patronage goes✧
Currently my only source of income comes from my freelance work doing commissions, managing my store and this Patreon. Every single penny counts towards me being able to pay for daily necessities. Since I make most of my money from commission work what I earn from Patreon acts as a financial safety net for when those funds run low and am in need of emergency cash to pay for bills/food etc.

✧Future plans✧
Currently I aim to move out hopefully within a year or as soon as I am financially able. Being able to have and sustain a self sufficient lifestyle is incredibly important to me and I'm hoping this Patreon will help me reach that goal. My overall plan for my Patreon is to have it become an artistic community where people can come here to learn and grow as artists, get access to tutorials, gifts, participate in workshops and watch exclusive art streams! As milestones are passed I hope to create more tiers with this in mind so we can all learn and grow and continue on our creative path!

Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon and I hope you enjoy it ☆

☆Art Blog
$39 of $50 per month

Unlocking this milestone will kick off the start of my Patreon Goal giveaways! Every time a goal is passed once I will host a public giveaway stream! Patrons will have increased odds of winning the giveaways. The second unlock is a special Patreon exclusive Discord server! All patrons will gain access to this server where they can share artwork, get first dibs on commissions, give and receive art resources, as well as easily keep up with any Patreon posts. The Discord server will act as a community hub for all patrons where we can share and grow as artists!
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