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About Aidan Vaughn

Welcome to my Patreon account! I made this for my musical self to make some money for advanced music production.

Ever since 2007, I have loved to either dance to or make music. From age 2-10, I was a drummer. Once I came across Boyinaband on YouTube in 2013, my mind had switched to rap. Ever since then, my favorite rappers have been Boyinaband (saw in 2013) and Ali Tomineek (saw in 2015).

As of recent, Ali Tomineek has become my #1 favorite rapper because he uses very little to no profanity in his songs, he produces his own beats, and has been recognized by the California Legislature for being a figure of change in the rap community. He has inspired me to start my own rap career.

Thank you to Ali Tomineek for inspiring me and thank you to my supporters for supporting me.
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I'll pick a lucky person to give a custom Aidan Vaughn signed phone case. I know I'm dreaming big, but eventually we gon make it happen.
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