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Teh Peng for me
per month
Actually nowadays Teh Peng cost more but $1.50 is a nice gesture lah. It's almost like you're buying me a drink but you don't have to be there! That's... a good thing, right?
TWO Teh Peng for me
per month
Bro, you've moved well past ONE teh peng which I am eternally grateful for already, really.
Unfortunately I can only be eternally grateful in one eternity, but i can be eternally grateful twice... right? wait is that even correct 
Chicken Rice for me
per month
It's going to be amazing knowing that you've made the decision to belanjah (give a treat to) me the best chicken rice near my house for at least a month.




About AidenLeeSG

I'm a producer from Singapore.

Primarily does Audio Production (record / mix / produce).
I play guitars in a Metal band called GOD CODE
Producer / Writer for content under Pelikel Media
Content creator for other personal projects and such.
I play games too, so i guess.. game content too?

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