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Hi dear Patreons!

I'm gonna introducing my self first.
People said that I'm an Indigo Child. What is Indigo Child? Indigo Child is children that born with psychic abilities. The abilities are different one another. Sometimes, they are super genius person, and sometimes they have abilities that can see things that people cannot see. Have you ever watch Conjuring and Insidious? Yes, abilities like Elise and Lorraine Warren.

I got the second abilities. My world filled things like in a game world but with my real life at stakes.
I take care some cases. So, I'm gonna share it here with you all.

I've been writing my story since 2009 in Indonesian, and helping others with paranormal problems. So, here I am trying my best to share my story and cases I've been handled so far.

You can chat me on my private facebook anytime, even video call (but no naughty things. It's limited with horror topics only.)
I'm want to create some videos later, but my speaking is not really good. So I wonder if I really should xD
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When I reach 100 Patreons, I'll hire an editor to help me release videos with my daily life and short story once a week. 
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