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I'll be posting here a lot and am always glad for sponsorship, as it will help me to pay the bills.  You don't have to pay a cent to read me, so this is just like giving me a monthly tip.



About AinsleyJo1952

I wrote this much sometime back in 2017...

How did I get here?

It's all very simple:

While over at Twitter, I discovered Xeni Jardin who just so happened to have a page here and was noising it around.  I decided to go check her out and see how I could help.  Once here, I decided that this just might be something that I wanted to participate in as well, so, here I am...

to be continued later...
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With even 217 patrons (and I hope to eventually have even more, but I'm setting this milestone just because I really love that number), I'll be able to do better what I'm able to do now on a small scale, which is to use my God-given talents to make the world a better place.

Having this kind of extra income would give me enough cash-on-hand to keep my services paid-out way ahead so that I could be depended on to still be online in all the ways I am now and then some.

Some of -- though not all of -- what I'll be sharing on here will be various ones of the things on which I'll be spending my cash.

Some things coming to mind right now are my cable service that plays a major (understatement) role in making sure that I have Internet access from home 24/7/365.

Another thing is keeping my membership level at the same.

Also, I need to keep up my website.

Those are just some bare bones kind of goals that fall under the category of just keeping my Cyberlife going.

Although I have various other talents in music, visual arts, cooking, etc. writing is what I do the best.
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